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Muhammad Preaches in Mecca Play script

Characters: The son of the wealthy merchant who doesn't like his father's ways, a female friend of Muhammad's wife, Someone who like's and supports Muhammad's ways and a pilgrim visiting the idols of the Ka'ba


(The son is talking to a female a friend of Muhammad's wife whilst a pilgrim is on his journey to visit the idols of the Ka'ba when he spots the supporter of Muhammad)

Son: Why does my father have to be so difficult, why does he now think that we should stop worshipping the idols of the Ka'ba and worship the one and only God Allah?

Friend: I know what you mean, but he could be right maybe we should stop worshipping these idols. Perhaps there is only one God and that is Allah what if he's been told by Allah himself to preach to us about how us worshipping these idols isn't good and that we really must change.

Son: That's just madness! If Allah can tell him why couldn't he just tell us?

Friend: (shrugs shoulders) I'm not sure but there has to be something or someone that has told him to do this I mean I've known his wife Khadijah for ages and I know that she'll find out if what he's saying is nonsense or something we should follow and support.

Son: That's true; however she is the wife of Muhammad so she has to support him I just don't get why he thinks that worshipping idols is bad we've done it for generations. All he is going to do is start feud whether between families or the whole of Mecca.

Friend: I guess so, you're right we have worshipped idols for many generations and he said that it's wrong to treat...