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Muhammad was born in 570ad; his father was Ibn Abdullah Mutalib. Muhammad saw visions in 610ad and wrote these visions down in a holy book called the Koran. He decided to preach this to the people, so he did. Muhammad sadly died in 632ad. Muhammad achieved many things in his lif, religiously, politically and even in his personal life.

In my opinion his biggest achievement was the founding of Islam where millions of people are Muslim today and still growing. This is most important because his past actions are still present today and is growing by millions every year, this is a fact. Historically speaking if the person's actions are still present today, that is the most important achievement or action; therefore I have put it on as #1 achievement. Plus if he had not found the religion he would be remembered as just another conqueror or even a nobody.

He founding the religion Islam had helped him to achieve what he had achieved and his achievements to still be taking place today.

Muhammad's next achievement (second in importance) is when he proved himself a just and fair leader of Makkah because him being a fair leader of Makkah was what made people have faith in him and listen to what he said other than ignoring him. Ultimately, this led him to achieve all the other things, because he had people's support behind him which he could not have done without.

Thirdly, Muhammad being a good military commander was next in importance as it helped to make Islam feared and respected by others, to the point of conversion, note that it was not only because of being feared and respected that people converted, there are more reasons other than this. Conversion was Muhammad's main target.

Muhammad had achieved many other...