music heals

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Music heals

Would you like to learn how you can open your mind, connect your soul, and use music to heal the human mind & spirit? Then pick up any instrument; that's right? I said any instrument you want to play; you don't need to take lessons, though it can help you be professional. All you need to do is pick it up and explore, use it to your creditability because I promise you as music has done for me. It will help you solve many problems, and maybe one of those problems you're trying to solve just might be the key to your future.

Music affects the human brain in many different ways; it heals, strengthens, and unlocks the human spirits connection to the world. The importance to music and the brain is that it can be a song dose of vitamin C, music can help resolve pain in areas in the body; as well as, its connections with society helping the imagination run wild as it has helps Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein with their work it can also help you unlock your creative spirit so you can one day solve problems to your future.

The first part is healing; by listening to classical music it is almost like taking Vitamin C, but instead of the Vitamin you swallow it is the sonic does of sound through the ear.

Alfred Tomatis from the M.I.N.D Institute observes that the most stimulating and changing effects of sound are in the high frequency range. You might not want to move and dance to this sound, but the way Tomatis believes is the higher the frequency in small doses will help activate the brain so it increases attentiveness. You can create this effect by turning the bass down low, and the turn...