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In 2002, the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy said over 70% of enlisted personnel who are promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer (E7), Senior Chief Petty Officer (E8), or Master Chief Petty Officer (E9) in today's Naval Service have a college degree. It is my firm belief that an Associate of Art's Degree will assist me in being promoted to my next higher pay grade, provide my children with a father who is more confident assisting with their school work, and help me obtain a better paying position in the civilian community after my Naval career.

How an Associate of Art's Degree Contributes to My Career Goals

When I joined the Navy in 1981, having a degree was not as important as it is today. During recent years, however, having a degree of higher education is very important for promotion in all branches of the military, especially the Navy.

In today's Navy, sailors are enlisting with associate and bachelor degrees. If smarter sailors are entering the military, so the leaders of today's Navy have to be smarter as well. In order to keep up with the personnel joining the military today, I need to have a college degree. An associate of art's degree will help me keep up with my junior personnel. It will also assist me in promotion, and will allow me to articulate my thoughts more clearly, concisely, and effectively with other educated people.

Approximately 70% of all personnel promoted from the enlisted ranks of the Navy have some form of higher education or a degree. If I did not obtain the same level of education as my subordinates, I would not be as effective a leader. If I fail selection to the next higher pay grade, an associate degree will afford me...