My Devon Hills

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My Devon Hills

Documentation- extended programme notes.

Demelza Donkin-Green


Choreography with Theatre practises

Stage 3 CAP



This documentation will give my reasons to participate in this performance and what drew my interest for working with Alison and Yair. I intend to explain the devising process and point out key exercises that were used and how the piece developed. I will then map out the structure of the performance, notating key developments. Moving on to give a personal account from my view as a performer /deviser of how I dealt with given situations alongside personal challenges and successes.

Why I chose to work on this project.

Previous to this project I had a great interest in Butoh and the presence of such Japanese theories and philosophies such as Mah and Wabi-Sabi this was the focus for my dissertation. Mah explores the moment between two given points, "Ma can be defined as experiential place understood with emphasis on interval."(Columbia,

20th May 09). Mah is used in conjunction with Jo-Ha-Kyu as a compositional tool, particularly within theatrical forms i.e.: Noh theatre to work on this moment within two subjects. As for wabi- Sabi, this philosophy has focus on the ideas that everything is impermanent, everything is imperfect, and everything is incomplete, this during the course of the project I felt was a contrasting aesthetic to the way in which Yair was working.

I knew I wanted to extend my experience working with Butoh on a practical level. Moving on to apply my background knowledge of Butoh and apply this on a practical level. Working with Alison on the presence of the performer and the performance quality through Butoh exercises allowed me to further my knowledge on Butoh from a theoretical to a physical level. Whereas I normally move from a...