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In my second year of college there are a number of things I have learned about myself. I have learned about my likes and dislikes as well as my strength and weaknesses. I have had to make goals and start planning my future. Through out planning, my choices have been influenced by people and issues. I have had to take in numerous considerations in making my decisions. I have chosen a career field, a major, and laid out a plan for my future in visual communications.

My first two years of college have been not only an exploration of knowledge but also of myself. The one pattern I have noticed is that I change my mind A LOT! My tastes are changing as I am getting older and not as influenced by family. I am becoming my own person. Things I once enjoyed I no longer find interesting and things I despised in the past are now appealing.

I long for an evening alone to clean house and painting my toe nails. In high school this would be a long boring evening but now sounds luxurious. Time is so important being a student and working so any free time is a treat. I have also learned to despise certain things that at one point did not bother me. For example, in grade school if there was something I may have known a little bit about but did not understands it did not bother me. I just simply did not care enough to want to learn the subject thoroughly. But know as soon as I learn something I want to know all parts of it and fully understand. This semester I made an effort to learn as much about our political system and the presidential candidates as I could prior to...