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Heritage is very important in order to understand about yourself. I think everyone should know what his or her heritage is. I believe that it is the backbone of your morels and beliefs. My Jewish heritage is very important to me because it forms who I am.

        My father was born to a Jewish family and then put up for adoption. He was then adopted in to a Jewish, his father, and Christian, his mother, family that practiced both faiths. I never knew my father, and one of the only things I do know about him is that he was Jewish. After his death last January, one of the possessions I picked to have out of his house was his Jewish menorah that had belonged to his father and perhaps may have been passed down from his grandfather and his great grandfather and his great grandfathers after that. I picked the menorah because I knew that it had been in the family for years and I knew it was something used by many of the family members that I never got to meet.

Also so it means a lot to me to have that because it ties me into the Jewish faith in some way.

        From the story Every Day Use “ Well” I said, stumped.

“What would you do with them?” “Hang them” Dee said.

As I read this part I thought to myself what will I do with my fathers menorah? Will I “hang it”? I don’t really have a use for it since I don’t practice the Jewish faith. Although it will probably sit on a shelf in my china cabinet or on a bookshelf, I don’t really believe I will be “hanging it”. Dee wanted the quilts to be on display to show them off. I don’t want...