My Journals and Opinions on President Obama and Palin

Essay by yusuf15 March 2010

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Journal 18

Sarah Palin has kicked off her string of tea party rallies across the United States. The first one was held in Harry Reid's, the Senate's majority leader, hometown. She is trying to rally up support and lead groups of aggravated American's to "take back our country" by ending the ""Obama-Pelosi-Reid spending spree." This was one of her latest appearances where she has endorsed "common sense conservative values." Close to the rally site, the State Democratic Party set up a hospitality tent, serving doughnut holes and tea in honor of the new health care reform. Also recently, Sarah Palin posted on her facebook page that conservatives needed to "reload" and not run away in the midst of the new health care debate. Many cite that the post encourages violent acts against many democrats that voted for the legislation however, Palin has come out and say that was not her goal.

Journal 3

This year, President Barak Obama plans on throwing his second bipartisan Super Bowl party at the White House this Sunday. President Obama plans on inviting both Democratic and Republican officials of the two competing states, Louisiana and Indiana. Also on the invitation list are military service members who have been injured fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. At last years party, attendees told CNN that President Obama went from room to room serving his guests different desserts.

After finishing the article, I got a sense that the President can be very down to earth. He enjoys watching football and inviting people over to his home. I found it especially notable that he served last years guests food, showing a different side to the president. He can act like an average American for a few hours out of the year. Also, I really appreciate how President Obama is attempting...