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Throughout my life I have heard many horror stories about child abuse. If you turn on the news on a daily basis I’m sure you will hear at least one story of child abuse in a week’s time. I have often wondered why it is, that in order to legally drive an automobile you must take drivers education, pass a test, and obtain a license, but anyone can have a child without the basic knowledge needed to care for that child. Child abuse comes in many forms. There are obvious kinds of abuse such as being hit or beaten, but there are also verbal and emotional abuse and neglect as well. I feel that many children are victims of child abuse solely on the fact that their parents were never properly trained on how to deal with children and how to care for a baby or child of any age.

I believe that if a “parenting license” were a requirement for having a child, that the amount of child abuse would be drastically reduced. If it were up to me, I would make it mandatory for all people that are considering having a baby to obtain a “parenting license”. All parents and potential parents need to be educated on all aspects of parenthood.

To begin with, this would be a federal program that is handled on a state level, similar to the DMV in every state. All prospective parents will need to attend various parenting classes, pass a series of tests and in the end obtain a license. The license will be good for two years at a time. Every two years the parents will need to take a refresher course and again pass a test to renew their license. My school will be set up like any ordinary classroom.