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Everyone’s utopia is different in there own way but they sometimes have similarities between them. My utopia is located by the ocean with a temperate climate. The temperature gets to a high of about ninety-five and a low of thirty-four degrees Fahrenheit. It remains fairly warm during the winters because of the warm ocean breeze. There would be rain, sun, and snow.

The government would be a monarchy with a group of advisors that would give suggestions to the monarch. The monarch would be elected by the people and everyone has the same rights, whether they have more power than others. The laws are voted on by the people but the monarch approves them. The monarch has a strict police system that keeps the laws in order. Lawbreakers would be punished depending on their crime. Murders would be killed; stealing would land you in community service for a period of time.

There would be national transportation available to everyone for a small fee to pay for the maintenance and gas. Other than the national transportation, the people would either walk or have a bicycle to get to and from where they needed to go. Buildings would be erected with funding from the government and there would be two or three different companies working together to complete the project. Everyone would live in an apartment but they would be different sizes depending in the size of the family.

There is a national bank which is divided up into smaller banks but under the national banks rules and regulations. The currency is in dollars and cents, like the United States. The economy is mostly self-sustaining but there is a little trade over seas and over land. The government talks a laissez-faire approach to economy but watches over and acts when it is...