My Younger Sister

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When one go away from home, he or she would miss her/his family very much. Not until I left home for Hanoi to learn, did I felt that completely. I was born and bred in Nam Dinh and I have nearly gone nowhere outside my hometown. When did, it was not so long all the time. That might be the reason why my younger sister as I do now. Every time and everywhere, I tell my friends, such as my classmates, roommates, and so on, about her. Someone says that I’m so emotional and it’s not necessary to be so exaggerated. In fact, it’s really of my pride.

Thanh Hoa, my twelve-year-old sister, is lovable and intelligent. She is rather thin with a fair complexion. Her eyes are brilliant black, big and round, winkling with brightness. Whenever she discovers something new, those eyes open wide, attentionally. How sweet! Particularly, she has so black and smooth hair, neither thick nor thin.

It was formerly long and I love it. Unfortunately, I hadn’t told her when she had it cut. Then, it’s rather short but beautiful still. I have always liked to play with her hair. As I am free, I usually comb it: make it braid or ponytail, different kinds… We love that moment a lot because at that time we laugh with each other the most. I really love Hoa, but it’s inexplicable why I can’t talk softly with her. Nevertheless, the interesting thing is that it doesn’t make us separated. Hoa seems to love this. While she knows that I sometimes lose my temper easily, she seems to trick me intentionally so that I can’t help raising my voice. After such a time, remembering about it, I feel it funny, actually.

Adding to that, she is a girl of action. There is nothing that she doesn’t want to take part in. Now and again, she ticks people around off, including me by getting in their way. However, it can’t be denied that she is clever, active, and creative. One more thing, she is a bit lazy, yet she is so clever in her words that noone angry with her long. She has such a good memory, loves discovering… and on and off has cute ideas. I admire her for all of those. I consider she is so great at her age. Honestly, there is no idle boast. Merely do you meet her, you’ll discover the same.

Now, I’m learning far away from home, she deeply misses me time to time. She often message to me, longing for my return although I hardly indulge her. Once before I go back to the university, she gave me a piece of paper in which she had drawn a colorful picture. I also saw a scrawling line of handwriting read “I love you. You are always my angel.” and I was moved to tears. Each time I reread it I can’t help raising my emotion. What a wonderful sister! I’d like to say loud: “I love you, too, dear!” However, I scarcely show my feeling in such a way.

Consequently, up to now I haven’t tell her that. In fact, I really love her!