"Mystic Island"

Essay by yvette911 September 2014

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5 miles close to the island, i can already tell that this 6 day trip willl be a pleasaurable one! Currently arriving at the secluded island. As I immediately set foot on the beach, I feel the warm sand taking place in between my toes. The sun slowy melting into the ocean ,while the wind knocks off the hair on my face.

My bestfriend Maria and I unpack our items. Once that is done,we take a walk around, exploring the island with barely anything to see, other than just the big bright moonlight. As we skip through the water we notice a sea turtles nest, we take look and flash the mini pearly white eggs with a flashlight. Heading back to our "cabin" , exhausted from the long walk, we take a rest and slowly fall asleep with the sound of the gracefull waves crashing.

On the following morning, the big bright sphere of joy hits our faces.

We head out to start the boat, to go for some fishing. Not really a thing we enjoy but was nessary. Although We didnt have much luck catching any fish, we relished observing the gorgeous shimmering crystal light blue sea.

After several days of the same routine, catching fish, exploring more about the island, and enjoying our fresh cooling coconut water under the sun, it was time to head back home. I noticed that Maria had some trouble starting the boat, so i went to check it out. Apparently the motor was stuck on some seaweed and hard wires, and on top of that we had little to no fuel left but , was enough to get us past halfway our voyage. I removed the problem from the motor. As we tried again for the 8th time utlimitely it...