Napoleon, Machiavelli's perfect prince

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This essay will give an overview of Napoleons life, explain the excerpt from "The Prince", and explain, using evidence from Napoleon's life, how Napoleon followed the advice in "The Prince".

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 5th, 1769, in Corsica to an aristocratic family. At age nine, Napoleon left for France to study at Brienne, a private school. In 1984, he moved to Paris to study at the Royal Military Academy. A year later, Napoleon entered the military as a second lieutenant. Directly following the French Revolution, he returned to his home island. He realized that he had large differences with the governor and soon became the leader of a group opposed to the Corsican government. When Napoleon's home was attacked and destroyed, Napoleon was forced to flee for his life. On June 10, 1793 he was banished from his homeland.

On December 18, 1793, under the command of 24 year old Napoleon, the fleet of the revolutionary army attacked the British fleet.

Napoleon was wounded in battle and upon his return to France he was given a hero's welcome. Two years later, at age 26, he was made a full general and put in command of the army of the interior. In 1799, Napoleon took over the Directory and was voted consul for life. Several years later, on December 2nd, 1804, Napoleon, crowned himself emperor. Napoleon realized he would not be able to militarily defeat Britain; therefore he instituted the continental system, a ban of trade against Britain. When Portugal did not agree to this and continued to trade with Great Britain, Napoleon marched through Spain to attack Portugal. On his return through Spain, he "persuaded" the king to step down and Napoleon appointed his brother in law, Joseph Bonaparte, king.

In 1812, Napoleon amassed a large number of...