Narcotics Anonymous: Twelve Steps To Recovery

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Psychology of Addiction & Substance Abuse 030         Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-10:30 A.M.

        Fall Semester 2001         Term Paper                                                         Narcotics Anonymous: Twelve Steps to Recovery                                                 By         Faye Stottrup         15 November 2001                                                                                         Stottrup 1         The basis of the Narcotics Anonymous recovery program is a series of personal activities known as the Twelve Steps, adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous or AA is perhaps the prototype for the self-help group movement, in which NA is a part of. The core difference between the two Twelve Step groups is their concentration; AA being a fellowship of recovering alcoholics and NA being a fellowship of recovering drug addicts. This term paper is a lot more than just another homework assignment to me. I’m currently struggling with my own addiction and have wanted to attend a Twelve Step meeting, whether I was ready or not.

This assignment gave me a reason other than my need for help, to go and check one out. That may seem a bit silly, but for me its exactly what I needed. It is because of this reason that I chose to attend two NA meetings instead of one AA and one NA meeting. My focus will be on how the Twelve Step program has and can affect me and what I got out of either meeting.

        The first meeting I attended was conveniently located just across the intersection by my house. The second, was a bit of a drive but totally worth it! Before attending any meeting, I had an idea of a couple things I knew I would need to experience from these two meetings in order for me to continue going beyond the requirements of this assignment. One...