Narctoics How They Affect The Body

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How do Narcotic Drugs Affect the Human Body, Mind, and Relationships?         Narcotic drugs are illegal substances that affect the human body very .

much different then normal, they get you high, which causes dizzeness, hallucination, mood swings, anxiety, appetite, sexuality, and ascpects of sensory and motor behavior. (Dear pysch doc,                 Dr.Sophia Vinogradov; Large chronic doses of some narcotic drugs can casue memory loss, brain and heart faliure and or even death and perment damage to your body.

Some people develope addictions to narcotic & legal drugs. When people get addicted to drugs its usualy hard to get off them. People stopbeing themselves, start to hide from people they are close too. They develope unusualy symptoms like shaking, laughter, memory loss etc... Narcotic drugs like PCP(angle dust), LSD(acid), and Ecstasy can cuase permanent brain damage. Every time you take either PCP or Ecstasy drugs they put pin and dime hole sizes in the brain. As to LSD has been known to make the brain stem which is connected to your spine leak off blood.

If a person has taken LSD over seven times it makes the person legally insane.(facts of pcp                                                                 lsd and E \         Marijuana which is a plant that had a chemical known as THC in it and also alot more chemicals . Marijuana which is smoked most of the time but some people cook it. Marijuan can cause short term memory, expanded appetite, and laughter. Some people with cancer can be prescribed marijuana for medicinal purposes. Some legal drugs like pharmicuticals can be illegal without a prescription. A couple prescription drugs most common on the streets are: Xanax, Percocet, Oxycotin, Valumes, and all prescription drugs we are seeing an increase of use. Symptoms of use when not treated for a doctors orders may be exaggerrated and range from sluggishness, control, slurred speach, blood shot eyes, to irritabitlity, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.( \ policies on alcohol & other drugs) Hard drugs like crack cocaine, herion and ecstasy can interfer with your body functions. Perhaps after usuage they can shutdown main organs that keep you alive for say heart failure, brain faliure, kidney failure, and lung failure. They can affect the nervous system and have the person shaking for the rest of their life, it could affect memory so unbelievable that a person could forget who they are who their family and friends are. All drugs affect the mind one way or another. A drug addict who hasn't gone a day without their drugs and one day they have no way of getting their drugs or they get checked into a rehab center, they will eventualy go into withdraw. Withdraw is when a person is depended on drugs and when they don't get what they need the person might start to vomate get sick or angry they are feining for their drugs the person can't go without it.