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Space travel is as awesome as having no school because of a snowstorm. Safe travel through black holes to white holes is now possible. It is believed that such a trip might land the voyages in a new dimension. Being on the N.A.S.A crew would mean a lot to me, and it would be extremely awesome! I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider having me be on the N.A.S.A crew. N.A.S.A has always seemed very interesting and exciting. I think I would be perfect for N.A.S.A because I have an exciting imagination. I have always thought beyond other people. I have also always been interested in science and I wonder what it would be like to go in to space. Secondly, I would like to go ahead in time. I would like to travel to the future because I want to see what is going to happen in my life.

I think it would be interesting and odd because I would be able to find out what was going to happen and then I could fix things before it happened. Lastly, I would also be scared to travel ahead in time. I would be afraid and sad because I would have to leave my family and friends. I would be afraid because what if I couldn’t come back to my life in the present and what if my life is miserable in the future? As I said, space travel would still be fun because missing a day of school and having the feeling of excitement is great! Even though I would feel scared and sad I am still as determined to go. I think it would be outrageous to be apart of N.A.S.A because like I said I am interesting in space and other things that are related. This is my life time dream and I am depending on your answer.