"Native Son" Letter to the Editor

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To Whom It May Concern:I am writing this letter in response to your dyslogical, racist, and slanderous article “Negro Rapist Faints at Inquest” in your newspaper The Tribune. I believe that your portrayal of Bigger Thomas is unfair and was created with the sole interest of inciting panic, hysteria, and outrage in the white community. I also believe that your unsatisfactory work is leading to the consequences of rioting in the streets and angry mobs forming in protest of the accusations posted in your paper that may in fact be false.

Bigger Thomas had been taken and charged with murder. Does this mean he is guilty? The laws of the United States state that every man is innocent until proven guilty. Your article insists that Bigger is guilty. Assumptions are made in your article that may or may not be true. You refer to Bigger Thomas as “the killer” in your article instead of a less indicting term such as “the suspect”.

The killer has not been proven yet. I thought newspapers were supposed to tell the truth, not make assumptions bases on measly occurrences that have been portrayed and blown out of proportion.

Your article features many exaggerations that convey a picture to the reader that Bigger Thomas is an evil, ugly, and devilish black man. This is untrue. From your article I quote: “He is about five feet nine inches tall and his skin is exceedingly black. His lower jaw protrudes obnoxiously, reminding one of a jungle beast.” Bigger is a struggling young man that may be in jail now for something he did not do. As your customers read this, they will imagine an ugly inhuman-like animal that is looking for the prey of murdering and raping women. This is not what Bigger Thomas is, he is...