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Jim Bahner Cp3 10-18-01         Natural is         The definition of natural to me has to with abilities that come with birth. But is there such a thing? People say he's a natural at baseball. But if he only saw once it would he know what to do or was it a combination of skill and seeing it often? Then there is the other definition, which has to do with whether or not something is natural or having no preservatives. Which I believe is out there just hard to find because of the chemicals in the soil of the earth and people tampering with the food. Or even in the rain that falls on it being un-pure. But there are some who believe they know someone who is a natural at something. And there are people who believe they have natural vegetables. But in theory there maybe naturals in a sport and it is just unclear to me.

Either way I won't change my opinion because it is what I believe. But the same can apply that if the rain is un-pure it is still the natural rain hitting those apples for example. So to some people there is surely a natural and to others there is not. To me it is very hard to find but you must make your own decision and it is up to you.