Is it natural to want power?

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Is it natural or unnatural to want power?

If I is attainable then the desire for power greatens, which is natural for humans as we have an instinct to survive and get to the top (naturally egotistical). However, some people who could be called opportunists can take action on these "black and deep desires" which then makes them evil.

There are natural leaders such as Ralph and Jack who share qualities but Jack becomes "Chief" more due to his determination to seize power by constantly pushing himself forward. They both share the strong-minded, confident characteristics of a natural leader. They show bravery and determination as they each strive for their very different goals: Ralph wants order and democracy whereas Jack wants dictatorial power over all. Furthermore, neither is easily overcome by opposition and they are both supported by boys who look up to them when they are in a position of power and authority and they earn this respect by moving the crowd with words or concepts - Jack offers team actions such as hunting and dancing.

Nevertheless, even though both Ralph and Jack are natural leaders they are very different the way they rule and issue their authority. While Ralph is fair and rules for the good of everyone and not for his own ego, Jack enjoys exercising total control over those he feels are inferior to him. Their differences lead to their conflict, which highlights Jack as the natural dictator and Ralph as the natural leader, as the "golden boy".

Shakespeare uses antithesis to suggest the moral confusion which is present throughout the play. An example of this is when the witches chant: "Fair is foul, and foul is fair" (1.1.10), which doesn't just describe the weather, but it suggests that nothing is what it seems.