Nature of Logic

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Nature of Logic

Principles of logic are very important part of the process of critical thinking. Logic is defined as the study of correct argument. In today's world, we face complicated issues and problems in our both professional and personal lives, and it becomes necessary to react to problems and situations from more than emotional point of view. "I want you to follow my strategy" may not go very well with your colleagues and team members if you do not defend your strategy and solution with logic.

Perception is defined as the way we see and understand our experiences. It also involves as how and what we think about our experiences. To me perception is a learned process. Throughout our lives, we learn different things form others and through our own experiences. Hopefully this learning process makes you understand or see things differently as it did to me.

A few years ago, I acted as a Group Assistant for a multimedia group at a software house.

I worked for a contracting agency that placed me in the position because they thought I was a good fit; so did I. Looking back, I can now see how gross misconceptions of how my environment was perceived affected my employment status. Starting out good and ending badly, my perception of how I was viewed by others was completely incorrect.

Everyday I thought I was getting closer to everyone in the group. My job was to supply the hardware and software to the people who needed it to accomplish their testing and development tasks. Being in such a high traffic position was fun: I got to meet all of the people in the group (from all walks of life), be really social, and learn a lot at the same time. Because it was such...