Nature of Logic and Perception

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Logic and critical thinking play a large role in our perception in the way we choose to live, the way our opinions and thoughts are formed and the way we make a decisions. There can be more than one solution to a problem or task and critical thinking helps each one of us look at the options we have and come to a final decision. By critical thinking we are processing the solutions and eliminating the solutions what we think will not work. We use critical thinking every day in both our personal and professional lives. Successful critical thinking is a process that allows one to creatively problem solve, seek innovative solutions and essentially “think outside of the box.” It also allows one to become more open minded to different situations.

I can remember when I was first tasked to be the shift supervisor of five people working the night shift.

I was excited to finally be in this position and went in thinking that it was going to be a breeze to run a shift. We had a log book with all of the things that we needed to get accomplished before the end of our shift. All of my troops I was in charge of ended up finishing this task in just three hours of the eight that we were going to be working. This particular night was really slow with not a lot of deliveries going on. So I took it upon myself the shift supervisor to give some of the guys a cut back for the night. I figured that I would just keep two back and that would be more than enough people for the night. The night had gone by and it things went well for us we had no problem getting by with...