Nature of Logic and Perception

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The nature of logic and perception as it relates to critical thinking can be very similar. Knowing what logic and perception are can help you to use these skills to make decisions that are well thought out. Perception is a process we go through and can shade our thinking and reasoning if allowed to overshadow our critical thinking skills. Perception also has blocks that can influence our views in situations. Critical thinking is also a process that can be changed or manipulated by our perception of events. How we use perception and logic together can affect the way we think and reason.

Logic and Perception as they pertain to Critical Thinking

What are logic and perception as they pertain to critical thinking? Logic is "the science of reasoning," and perception is "the power to understand and comprehend." (World Book) This makes logical perception the science of reasoning through understanding and comprehension.

The process of perception has several steps. First you choose what is going to affect your perception of events. Second you collect information into some sort of a pattern. Third you try to use this information to understand to problem or situation. Logic and its principles are the basis of critical thinking. The way we think influences how we react to situations and to other people. Logical thinking can influence the decisions we make and the value we place on the results.

Perception Blocks

Perception does have blocks that can be hard to remove from your thinking. One block is stereotyping. We have seen the effects of this block in class discussions this week when a student brought up the image of "rednecks." Even when the student tried to explain their views on this image it became a block in the ability to relate wit the other students...