Nature of Logic and Perception

Essay by Katinacc June 2005

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Logic is defined as the reasoning used to reach a conclusion from a set of assumptions. Most people use logic to assist them in making decisions on a daily basis. There are two main categories of logic; induction and deduction. Inductive reasoning is usually used when a person cannot ascertain the absolute certainty of the conclusion based on the given evidence, but that person may be able to establish probability. Deductive reasoning is used when the premises prove with absolute certainty that the conclusion is true. (University of Phoenix Material, "Two Main Categories of Logic")

People, including myself, often rely on inductive and deductive reasoning. I believe that in order for people to make wise decisions they must be logical thinkers. However, a person's own perceptions may make this difficult. I often use my perceptions to make decisions. I come to conclusions when I think about what the outcome of my decisions may be.

I base my decisions on what I think will happen, primarily because of past experiences. There are some instances in my life when my perception of a reality situation was far from the actual reality. When I think about it, there is one instance that just stands out from the others.

While attending the University of Phoenix, I found out that a former classmate of mine was going to be in a class that I would be taking as well. He was a very nice guy, but he had a problem with cheating. We sat next to each other in our high school class and I would often catch him cheating off of my work. He never studied as I would, he would just rely solely on copying from my papers to try and ace a test. The class that we were taking was a math...