nature vs nurture

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Nature versus nurture

Chelsea Sanders

Park university


The debate between nature versus nurture is dated back many years and like all other issues, seems like a never ending debate. Many researchers believe that nature as a bigger impact on child development and many also believe that nurture as the bigger impact on child development, or believe that both nature and nurture have an equal impact, but I argue that nurture as the largest impact on child development. There is a great amount of evidence supporting both sides on this debate. The paper reflects off of seven articles and all of the articles argue the concept of nature versus nurture. I believe that nature accounts for our genetics like skin color, height, eyes and more, but believe that nurture makes up the personality, behavior, humor, and even more and I will explain this throughout this paper.

Keywords: nature, nurture, genetics, environmental, behavior, personality

Nature versus nurture

Does nature or nurture have the biggest impact on childhood development? "Our first impressions are generated by our experiences and our environment, which means that we can change our first impressions, by changing the experiences that comprise those impressions (M.

Gladwell 2014)." Despite a person's genetics, nurture has the biggest impact because children develop and learn through the environment. Events that happen in early childhood can considerably affect a person's future. Although many researchers have argued that a child's behavior is more influenced by genetics, undoubtedly I believe the environment in which a child is raised has the largest impact on their development.

I come from a family of four, three girls and a boy. We are all very like and all very different at the same time. My oldest sister and I are much alike, we are more academically inclined, but as for...