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The Oxford University defines a business system as, “A system which facilitates a business process. (Contributors, 2008)” This is usually to manage its key resources and carry out its administrative functions efficiently and effectively. Every company has unique services and products, to meet the unique challenges that grow from this diversity, communications systems must be flexible enough to meet the needs these services and products require.

NEC or Nippon Electric Company, Ltd. was established on August 31, 1898. In the early 1900’s they specialized in telephone communication systems and providing electricity to Japan. NEC began transistor research and development in 1950. NEC America Inc. opened in 1978, manufacturing PABX and telephone systems. In 2002 they split into several different entities consisting of NEC Electronics Corporation, NEC Semiconductor Company, NEC Laboratories America, Inc. (NEC Labs) NEC Research Institute (NECI) and NEC USA’s Computer and Communications Research Laboratory (CCRL). (Contributors, 2008)NEC's business is divided into the three principal segments: IT Solutions, Network Solutions and Electronic Devices.

The IT Solutions business delivers computing solutions to business enterprises, government and individual customers in the form of software, hardware and related services. The Network Solutions business designs and provides broadband network systems, mobile and wireless communications network systems, mobile handsets, broadcast and other systems. NEC's Electronic Devices business includes semiconductors, displays and other electronic components. (Contributors, 2008)Now that we know who they are and what they do, we can go into how their business system solutions can help a business be more productive and its current and future benefits to business. NEC offers a wide variety of business systems to solve a wide variety of business problems. In the following paragraphs I will go over some items that they offer in a business communications strategy.

They offer a few choices for digital signage systems, Blue Fire VC251 Digital Signage Controller, or a Blue Fire VC400 Digital Signage Controller. They are both in house designs that offer world class performance for all of your digital signage needs. (NEC Unified Solutions, 2008)NEC also offers some of the best telephones in the industry. The standard DSX-40 configuration provides 4 CO/line ports, 8 digital station ports, 2 analog station ports, and 2 analog door box ports with relay controls. The system is easy to install and expands easily to 8 lines with 24 business phones or 18 single-line phones, or a mixture of both, via expansion cards. (NEC Unified Solutions, 2008)Along with these products and services NEC offers communications servers capable of peer-to-peer IP telephony connectivity and advanced networking. The communication server is also capable of bringing control of telephony features and related call information right to the user’s PC. All communication servers are also capable of supporting IP, TDM video, wired or wireless. It also provides high-powered features and applications that can be transparently shared between branch or remote locations.

Along with all of these products and services NEC is capable of providing you with ability to manage you cable TV broadcasts, or Closed Circuit TV broadcasts. From production to playback, NEC lets you Create, schedule and broadcast quality programming from a desktop PC. As content and media begins to merge to the internets, your business is covered with NEC Unified Solutions. Deployed according to your specific needs, NEC’s streaming network solution allows you to distribute streaming video and streaming media (video with sound) to your target audience. (NEC Unified Solutions, 2008)With today's economy and demanding public needs, businesses are under pressure to perform everyday at their highest levels to win and retain their customers. To meet these pressures, employees need better tools for increased productivity. That where business systems become more and more of a necessity for the successful business. In this paper I described a business system solution provided by NEC, which with the right people and hardware and software, creates, “A system which facilitates a business process.”ReferencesContributors, W. (2008, 11 1). NEC. Retrieved 11 11, 2008, from Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia: Unified Solutions. (2008, 11 10). Business Communications. Retrieved 11 10, 2008, from NEC Unified Solutions: