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Disparity of Attitudes Toward Interracial Marriage

Of First Generation Immigrants

Chong Li

Harvard Summer School

Disparity of Attitudes toward interracial marriage Of First Generation Immigrants

The purpose of the interviews is to find out the correlation between attitudes toward interracial marriage and immigrants' age plus ethnic identity. Previous research suggests that attitudes toward interracial marriage have a strong relationship with the age of the subjects (Field, Kimuna &Straus 2013). The measure that is employed in the research in order to find out the correlation between age and attitudes towards interracial marriage is inter dating/marriage measure (IDMM). The IDMM measure conceptualized several important components of attitudes toward interracial marriage into measurement on the scale of 1 to 5 in order to assess ones' attitudes towards intermarriage. [1: Field, C. J., Kimuna, S. R., & Straus, M. A.

(2013). Attitudes Toward Interracial Relationships Among College Students: Race, Class, Gender, and Perceptions of Parental Views. Journal Of Black Studies, 44(7), 741-776. doi:10.1177/0021934713507580]

Literature Review

In past studies on correlation between ages and attitude towards interracial dating, some scholars found out that attitudes of the youth about interracial dating are more positive than the youths' perceptions of their parents' attitudes toward interracial dating (Field, Kimuna &Straus 2013). C.J Field suggested that youths especially college students have less ethnic endogamy than its older generation. Professor of Arizona State University Zhenchao Qian's (2001) study states that endogamy of immigrants varies based the education level of the immigrants. Interracial marriage is more likely for highly educated immigrants than for less-educated couples. Scholars also conducted studies to show that an immigrant who lives in a heterogeneous environment has higher tendency to marry interracially (Betty 1990). Data that Betty collected pointed out that those Chinese...