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Netscape 6.1 Review By: bob jones Over the past several years with the Internet becoming more commercialized and more popular, Netscape has always been one of the biggest players in the game. Netscape, now owned by Aol/Time Warner has started to move out of the browsers. Netscape latest release of Netscape 6.1 shows this. If you decide to upgrade to Netscape 6.1 from Netscape 4.7 you will notice a huge change in the way that it looks and operates. If you have a slower computer you will notice that the performance will be very slow. Even with the upgrade to 6.1 it does not load up or load pages as fast as Internet explore 5.5. From Netscape?s web page the System Requirements are Windows 95,NT, 98, ME. A Pentium 233 Mhz, 64 MB Ram, 26 MB hard drive space. It will also run on a Mac running system 8.6 or higher.

User Interface Improvements The Netscape program has always been an all in one program.

Unlike Microsoft?s Internet Explore being separate from Outlook Express. What this means is that to get to you email in Netscape you have to open the whole communicator application to get to it. There is nothing wrong with this, just that it takes more time. Some of the main features are the ?My Sidebar? witch is nothing more that a window with links to web pages and places to search. Netscape has always included a web page developing program with all of its versions. Now that Aol owns Netscape, one of the things that you can do when you are making you web page is to ad a URL to start an AOL chat. Just like Internet Explore, Netscape 6.1 offers a password manager to store passwords that you use on WebPages. One of the first things that...