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1.0 INTRODUCTION         2 FACTS AND FINDINGS         2 2.4.1 Passwords         6 2.4.2 Data Encryption and decryption         6 2.4.3 Historical and Statistical Logging         7 2.4.4 Closed User Groups         7 2.2.5 Secure Transmission Facilities         7 2.2.6 Firewalls         7 2.2.7 Physical security         8 APPENDIX B         9 APPENDIX C         9 Security: How do you secure business Information 1.0 Introduction As we know the need of data communication becomes vital in the 20th century as we call it ‘Information Age’. Both business and government were concerned with security and the need for data security becomes evident. Therefore the computer processing, centralised database storage techniques and communication networks has increased the need for security. The concerns about security of an organisation is not directly depend on the data communication related areas but also the control mechanism which implements, restricts and protects the threats from in and out side the organisation. This report proposes the need of security and ways in which the organisations secure their business information will be discussed.

Facts and findings 2.1 What is Security? “ Security is the state of mind” [1] An example is mission impossible one of the detective movies who show how easy it is to tap a telephone- Although it is illegal unauthorised access is gained, damage can be done to sensitive data if leaked from one company to another which can provide criminals with the electronic gold mine of fraud opportunities.[2] so this justifies the need for security.

Many definitions say that security means “…..unauthorised access, such as preventing a hacker from breaking into your computer” (Fitzgerald and Dennis, 1996, pp426). This statement shows the importance of the computer security, because the computer data storage device such as hard drive and other computer storage devices, which contain the information to use efficiently within organisations, should be prevented. The means of security can also be the physical control of the information that should be prevented from loosing...