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Class: Pre-sessional English


TASK: Discuss and evaluate new techniques in advertising in recent years and the implication they may have on a company. Illustrate your discussion with a case study.


New technologies have dramatic and creative effects on the advertising area in recent years. While the creativity in the former advertising techniques was limited by not only technical availability, but also the geographical conditions; new techniques have exponential enlargement. In addition, advertising nowadays can be made creativity in a similarly vivid world by using high technologies such as digital pictures and videos which improves viewers to get a more general and realistic look about the products and services they demand and advertise have opportunity to get closer to customers. On the other hand, technology also supplies many new ways to publish advertisements such as internet, messages, e-mail, texts, and phone calls.

Interestingly, new technologies not only bring beneficial high-technologies but also give companies chances to reduce the investment in advertising. As the result of this revolution, companies are now modifying the method they adjust their advertisements.

This essay will discuss Location-Based Advertising, the new useful techniques for marketing and business in recent years. Also, it used for the advertising campaigns of Adidas in 2013 which is one of the most successful location-based mobile advertising campaigns.


Interactive advertising which is considered as TV-advertising provides for advertisers with the chance for interaction with consumers through a telephone number, an email or a website with the aim at customers are be able to approach to service or product information. This technique is useful for teleshopping-windows to create opportunity for viewers buy the products constantly after advertising. However, with development of the Internet in recent years, interactive advertising will become complete...