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There are many holidays on the school calendar, each with equally right importance. If I were to create a holiday for the school calendar I would also insure that it would be seen as important; a day that millions of people would see as maybe, "the greatest holiday." The holiday I would chose to create would be 9/11 Remembrance Day because it is only right for us to remember those we lost, pay respect to the victims, and cherish what we have.

The first reason why this day should be a holiday is because we will be able to remember those we lost. Sure you can be in school and remember those who are gone, but you don’t really get to remember all the thousands of innocent people who were doing nothing but working when there lives were taken. Not only will we be able to remember the innocent people, but we will be able to remember the heroic men and women of the fire departments and police departments.

Many of them weren't involved with the incidents when they occurred but they answered the call of duty and went to rescue the victims, many losing there lives in the process. The last group we will be able to remember are the little children. Many of whom were no older than 10 and will never get a chance to enjoy life.

        The next reason why this day should be a holiday is so that we can pay respect to the victims. These incidents all affect us so closely that there are many people all around the country who know someone who was lost on 9/11. We also need to give honor to what brave men and women, government officials and civilians alike did for us. Ordinary people put there lives on the line to save others and insure they were ok. Many people might have arguments on why this day should not become a holiday. For example some may say that we should just get on with our lives and not to let the past hold us back, but this day wouldn’t be holding us back, it would unite us and bring us all closer together.

The last reason why this day should become a holiday is so that we can cherish what we have. Many people don't realize how lucky they are to have a nice wonderful family. Many families are no longer complete because mothers and fathers were lost on this horrific day in history, many children will grow up to never know both of there parents. With us not being in school we will be able to give back to the community. For example I could personally go and help out a woman who lost her husband and needs repairs to her house but doesn't have the money to do so.

In conclusion 9/11 Remembrance Day should become a new holiday so that we may be able to remember those we lost, pay respect to the victims and cherish what we have. I personally encourage people to go to the school board and push for this day to become a new holiday on the school calendar, for as one can see this day is of major importance, not only to students but a nation as well.