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"Basketball Skills"


What do sports mean to you? If you're anything at all like me they mean a lot. I love to spend time playing sports with my friends. Of all the sports I play the one that I like the most is basketball. (Attention) Basketball has taught me valuable skills in teamwork and responsibility. (Reveal Topic) Today, I'm going to explain to you how these parts of basketball have influenced me. (Preview)


First off, basketball has helped improve my teamwork and helped me get along better with other people. (TR/MP 1) It has made me not so shy around other people and be more outgoing. Playing with my teammates has also given me life-long friends. Basketball has helped me improve on a skill that will be much needed later in life.

Secondly, basketball has helped me be more responsible. (TR/MP2) Since I have practice everyday after school, you could say basketball is my anti-drug and keeps me out of most trouble.

It has also helped me balance my time between school and sports, and do well in both. Basketball has taught me to be responsible on and off the court.


In conclusion, (Signal Ending) I have told you that basketball has influenced my life by teaching me skills in teamwork and responsibility. (Reinforce Main Points) Sports, in particular basketball, have meant a great deal to me. So next time you're watching an athletic event, just remember "What do sports mean to you?" (Final Impression)

This is a speech on how skills learned while playing basketball can affect your life. It is a good speech but might need to go a little more in depth.