New York City Underground Art.

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Art has been an essential part of New York City underground subway system since it first opened to the public. The underground art offers a variety of images for that often mesmerizes the tourists and captivates the eyes of fellow New Yorkers. The art in the subway system includes murals of that consists of glass, ceramic or stone mosaic, windows of stained glass and sculpture and most of all abstract art. They are created by renowned artists and newcomers from every corner of the New York art world. The underground art reflects the subway's pulsating social reality which portrays the natural environment of the New York City subway system. They blend in with the newsstands, the trains and the restless crowds on the platforms. There are always pieces of art that often captures our attention on our daily commute, riding the subway you see such diversity among fellow straphangers, the underground art of the subway portrays this diversity in many different stations.

Time Square is the essence of New York City making it one of the foremost tourist attractions in New York. At the 42nd street subway station, connects at least eleven train lines making it easier for a tourist or New Yorker to reach their destination. Despite the enormous station status, there is also art work present on the walls going to the next designated platform. Toby Buonagurio's glazed ceramic panels capture the eyes of every person, regardless of their age, race, or gender, as they walk through the transfer passageway to the 1, 2, and 3 train platform. The panels consists the social reality of New York and its portrayal of the city's main attractions. One of many examples of Buonagurio's portrayal of the city's attraction is that she designed a glazed plaque representing New Years Eve in...