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In the Cranston Library, there was an exhibition by an artist named Janice Sauco. Not only displaying her unique talents she was also advertising her artwork and classes. The cost ranges from 90 to 600 dollars depending on the size and medium. The majority of paintings are made from watercolor. She has house portraits, pets, animals, murals, and ocean landscape. There are fantasy illustrations with mermaids and fairies and abstract work using her distinctive style, using web like sections to segment the drawings giving the appearance of a vortex. On the left side of the room, her method is free movement of watercolors and less controlled- "bleed on bleed". The center right side has realism of still life and wild life animals. The right side of the room has more watercolors, and collages. Some piece uses collage for background then cut out shapes that she customized to be the focal point.

Others she has cut up the paper to add texture and dimensions to the objects. Certain collages have a relief like appearance to it, pasting objects, and watercolor cut outs. There were strong bold pieces that uses complementary and primary colors, for example the "Tye Dye" pets.

"Sleeping Mermaid" Watercolor $200

Original modus operandi were used for example, sculpting areas by simply scratching color off after paint was applied. She controlled some areas where it seems to be hardened watercolor paint. Then using a type of blunt tool she "carves out" some of the paint, and it may have been wet too when she did that. Then she used droplets of water and let it soak through the paint and manually life the color out for a bubble effect. The "carved" areas take form to a particular trait for instance, crab, shells, eel, and octopus and...