"Night" - Holocaust by Elie Weisel

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It all seems like a nightmare, buy it was a true story, the story of a boy and his father, during the holocaust. The holocaust is a forceful departure of the Jews from Hungary, Europe, around the period of 1940 to 1945, during the Fascist regime. At this time, a degree was established to exploit and exterminate the Jews. They were murdered alive, abused, and separated from their families. It was unbelievable, a crime against humanity, spearheaded by a sadist dictator, named Hitler.

However, the Jews had lived side by side with their neighbor in harmony before this time. Right after the beginning of the Second World War, things began to change; the Jews began to anticipate danger. But they never thought things would get as bad as it was, despite the astuteness of a person like, Mocher the Beadle, who kept warning for danger but all his warnings were disregarded.

According to Eliezar, whose family was used as a case study for this story, it was until the Passover when German soldiers arrested the leader of Jewish community. Then a degree was made that the Jews will wear yellow stars, in order to distinguish themselves from the rest of the public. Secondly, they should not go to restaurant or café. Thirdly, they should not travel on the railway or attend synagogue, and there was a curfew after six o' clock. They were separated and moved into the ghetto.

In the ghetto, they waited for their fate, not knowing what will come next but knowing that they were going to be deported. Finally, when the day came, males were separated from females, daughters from their fathers and sons from their mothers, families were torn apart. They were taken by train to the concentration camp, in Auschwitz, and...