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No Access to Anthrax On September 11, Americans faced their worst nightmare. In New York City, two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Centers and completely destroyed them. In Washington, D.C., another airplane crashed into the Pentagon and destroyed part of it. And one more airplane crashed in Pennsylvania. These four airplanes have killed more than 6,000 innocent people, who were trying to make living and live their life and did not know why their destiny was ended like this. Before this unforgettable and unthinkable tragedy occurred, this nation was living a peaceful life full of success. People were not afraid of going to malls, work, schools, airports, tall buildings, or any public place and some were not afraid of flying. But now, after the tragedy occurred, everything changed. Fear is following people everywhere. People are afraid to go anywhere because they do not know if that place or airplane is targeted or not.

However, problems did not stop of coming to the United States. This time, it seems much harder to deal with the problem against unknown enemy; the problem now is having a disease that is attacking America, and called Anthrax. Anthrax is a disease that infects a person when he or she opens the mail if that mail is infected by this germ. People do not know yet where did Anthrax come from and how is responsible for such an act. Is it related to the terror attack or not? No body actually knows the source of this disease; people are just afraid of opening their mail. Only few people were infected by Anthrax and a couple of them died. I have read an article in the Dallas Morning News named "Investigators no closer to finding source of anthrax-tainted letters" by Michelle Mittelstadt. The article states that Anthrax's source and infected letters are still unknown, but investigations are in the process of searching for the source of this deadly disease. The government is facing a hard time dealing with such disease. It is having a war with unknown enemy. Actually, "the government could not pinpoint how many labs and research facilities have access to anthrax and other lethal biological agents." Everybody is surprised investigators could not make more progress. Even Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat said "I have been very surprised the FBI has not made more progress, this has been a big puzzle to me." Unfortunately, Americans are targeted where ever they are, even overseas, "a diplomatic mailbag sent to the U.S. consulate in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg tested positive for anthrax spores." If Americans are targeted today, every nation could be targeted tomorrow. So, we all whether we are Americans or not have to stay united to stop those bad people from doing such acts and bringing the fear to us. A good nation is always seeking peace and is always help to maintain peace in the world, so every nation should show support and help to stop such acts and maintain peace in the world.

I actually do not know why those people crash buildings and airplanes and bring such diseases to kill innocent people; I just want to know why? I always tried to find an answer but never found an appropriate one. Are they jealous of Americans because they have a great freedom? And what is those innocent peoples' fault? As I said, I have never reached an answer but I will, one day.