No More Orphanages

Essay by gestudiosoA, December 2014

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Genilson DoCarmo

December 9th, 2013

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Essay #5 Argumentative

No More Orphanages

Samuel Johnson once said: "Hell is paved with good intentions." Unfortunately, the good people from the West are taking a long time to understand that good intentions are more about us than them. Our emotional well-being should not be the determining factor when analyzing if our help is good or bad, especially when dealing with the affairs of children in distress. Residential care for children such as group homes, institutional care, and orphanages have proved for far too long that it doesn't have the best interest of children at their core. Well-intentioned people from developed countries, in an effort to help children from underdeveloped countries, are turning them into orphans. This essay will focus on Cambodia; however, there is a wealthy of research that was done around the world with similar results found in Cambodia.

Therefore, I believe orphanages should not exist anywhere in the world.

One of the reason is children living in orphanages are most likely to be hyper dependent. It is true that a lot of underdeveloped countries have a grey view of dependency, since many kids when reach adulthood remain with their families until marriage. However, hyper dependency is not part of their worldview. The impact of hyper dependency on a child will vary. Logically, the younger a child arrives at an orphanage the more likely he or she will suffer to become an independent adult, if they become independent. According to a research done in Cambodia, With the Best Intentions: A Study of Attitudes Towards Residential Care in Cambodia 2011 - Unicef Cambodia, a high percentage of children growing up in such environment are at serious risk of facing issues of "attachment...