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Asian (Chinese) Immigration into America

ver 150 years. They are as diverse as the immigrants from Europe, ranging from China, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Korea, Philippines, India, Vietnam, and Laos. (Takaki, page 8) When many people think of A ...

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A Mock letter to a cousin in Cambodia in the 1970's, describing the immigrant experience in Australia

have blessed you. How is your family? Well, I hope. You must have really fought to survive back in Cambodia. Anyway, you would like to migrate to Australia, I hear! Well, I will tell you of my experi ... to migrate to Australia, I hear! Well, I will tell you of my experience 28 years ago.Getting out of Cambodia (or as they called it back then, Democratic Kampuchea) was the best decision I ever made. I ...

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To what extent did guerrilla tactics of the Vietcong enable them to achieve victory?

nable them to achieve victory?Its critical strategic position in south east Asia bordered by China, Cambodia and Laos made Vietnam of great significance to Western and Communist powers. France conquer ... red the country between 1858 and 84 and it became part of France's Indo-China empire which included Cambodia, Laos and Annam.Vietnamese nationalists were very frustrated by Bao Dai's collaboration wit ...

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A report on Arranged Marriages, and the controversy surrounding it.

ements are frequently made simply on rational grounds. In countries such as different as Jordan and Cambodia, daughters are usually married to distant family.Arranged Marriages are very controversial. ...

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Cambodia: killing fields

CAMBODIA Because of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge not only were thousands ofCambodians forced o ... resentment that neither his uncle, Prince Sisowath Monireth, nor himself were given the thrown when Cambodia gained its independence from France in 1953 (Sihanouk 21). Whereas Lon Nol was the prince's ... ay, so he called upon his promised support from the U.S.. April 30th 1970 the United States invaded Cambodia. One member of the Associated Press wrote of the massacre,"Hundreds of executed Vietnamese ...

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The Affect of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia

am not sure if these things are possible, but I will attempt to show you what horror the people of Cambodia were subject to during the years of the Khmer Rouge.Cambodia is located in southeastern Asi ... Rouge.Cambodia is located in southeastern Asia, between Thailand and Vietnam. 90% of the people in Cambodia are Khmer. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, Khmer means a member of an aborigin ...

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ir nets in the river in search of that day's catch.Little has changed along the crucial lifeline of Cambodia despite a turbulent history of more then seven decades of French colonial rule, an experime ... he dawn of the 21st, a delicate effort to consolidate peace and stability.The ideal months to be in Cambodia are December and January, when humidity is bearable, temperatures are cooler and it's unlik ...

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Experiences of Refugees/Immigrants

h as escaping their communist country through small boats or daring attempt to cross the borders of Cambodia and Laos, yet the scars or experiences left by the war in Vietnam are the same to all Vietn ...

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Cambodia During the Vietnam War

Cambodia was country in turmoil and had been for many years. The government of Prince Norodom Sihano ... in 1970. This paper will explain the reasons for the overthrow, the effect it had on the people of Cambodia, and the effect that it still has. There where many reasons that the government was ... leader. He relied on oppression to put down any dissent about his rule. The Vietcong started using Cambodia as a staging ground of raids into South Vietnam. Sihanouk did not want to anger the Vietcon ...

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Effects of imperialism in Asia.

ty, 2004). Indochina is a region that today we would consider as Southeast Asia, comprised of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam (Indochina, 2001). Its most recent and most important contact with the West ca ... by despots under French influence. In little time, each country lost its own unique identity; Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam disappeared off maps and were replaced simply by 'French Indochina' (Vietnam W ...

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US involvement in Indochina.

m alone isn't that a big deal, but the US thought if Vietnam falls into communist hands, then Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia etc fill fall like a domino. The US was determined to preven ... pitalist country.Politically, under the Geneva Agreements, 1854, a ceasefire was declared, Laos and Cambodia became independent states, Vietnam was to be temporarily divided at the 17th parallel until ...

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How did the war end for the US? How did war end for the Vietnamese? How was this possible?

cause the US government couldn't stop the spreading of the communism, rather, they made a origin to Cambodia and Laos turn communism by attacking them and made reasons for civil war at there. In cost, ...

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Commentary on 'Cambodia', by James Fenton

James Fenton, the poet of 'Cambodia' spent several years in Asia, touring countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Indochina and ... being committed by those in authority. He wrote most of his poems upon his return to America, but 'Cambodia' was written while he was visiting Southern Asia. Cambodia was a country devastated by war, ... conducted illegal bombing raids under the guise of killing Viet-Cong they thought were fleeing into Cambodia. These bombing raids cost 750,000 innocent civilians their lives. Cambodia was then ruled b ...

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The Cambodias Best-Known Literature Culture Hero

Choun Nat is known as the most impressive literature and cultural promoter that Cambodia every produced. Many claim Choun Nat revitalized Cambodian cultural identity. Sadly he is n ... tural identity. Sadly he is not world-widely recognized as those in the developed countries, due to Cambodia¡¦s immense isolation and misery over the past decades. The purpose of this sco ... nse isolation and misery over the past decades. The purpose of this scope of paper is to awaken the Cambodians and foreigners alike, not to ignore our remarkable role model.I. LifeChoun Nat was born i ...

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Coca Cola: An introduction and brief analyis of its strategic position

ly the most ubiquitous brand in the world with its products advertised distributed from Cameroon to Cambodia. An iconic brand name that is synonymous with its sector, Coca-Cola has dominated the soft ...

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To what extent was the vision of Cambodia underpinned by the ideal of a class based revolution and to what extent was it based on nationalist xenophobia?

of civil war, invasions and bombardment and mark the beginning of a regime that would destroy many Cambodian's lives. Statistics vary, but by the end of their four year occupation more than one milli ... our year occupation more than one million Cambodians had perished. This new regime had a vision for Cambodia. This vision was to create a nation based on the Khmer race and involved building this new ...

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Cambodia & Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge

Khmer Rouge is a totalitarian society that ruled Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. The regime, in which its leader was guerrilla commander Pol Pot, rose to ... he cause of many deaths; by murders, worked to death or killed by starvation and around 1.7 million Cambodians died.The Khmer Rouge forces launched a national insurgency across Cambodia in 1968, whils ... across Cambodia in 1968, whilst North Vietnam sheltered the Khmer Rouge. This made it hard for the Cambodian army to counter the Khmer Rouge, and for the next years the Khmer Rouge grew. As they grew ...

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The Political Climate of the 1970's

from the communists. The collapse of South Vietnam led the communists to become powerful in nearby Cambodia. Here they went on a rampage that ultimately killed an unbelievable 2,000,000 people. In th ... that he will stop at nothing to end the crisis. Nixon ordered an incursion of American troops into Cambodia to take out the North Vietnamese. "Nixon's policy of strategies differ somewhat then those ...

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How were Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge able to maintain power in Cambodia between 1975 and 1979?

Section A: Aim of InvestigationAfter they seized power in Cambodia in April 1975, Saloth "Pol Pot" Sar and the Khmer Rouge were responsible for the death of 1 ... pril 1975, Saloth "Pol Pot" Sar and the Khmer Rouge were responsible for the death of 1.5-3 million Cambodian's and were perhaps one of the most ruthless regimes of the 20th century. The aim of this i ... lysis presented.Section B: Evidence1. TerrorPol Pot and the Khmer Rouge brutally killed millions of Cambodians through forced labor, torture, and starvation. Those who had previous ties with the forme ...

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Children Of The River

ced and struggled many problems in her life. For example, first she had to leave her parents in the Cambodia because for the communists. Second, she faced problem in the United States with new culture ...

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