Nocturnal Wonderland This is a descriptive essay about going to a rave and finding out what it's like. A personal story.It uses show don't tell.

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Nocturnal Wonderland

On Saturday, September 2nd,2000, I attended a rave, "Nocturnal Wonderland," at the Indio polo fields. This event was the last massive rave of summer, and was anticipating a captivating, transformation of a hot summer night. When exiting the freeway all I can see for miles is a line of cars full of happy, go-lucky ravers, ready for their last summer bash. It's like a church congregation, coming together to celebrate life. At a rave there are always the familiar vibrations of the music, the sweet aromas that fill the summer air, and {he magnificent images of the light in the night sky .The sassy scents surprised me.

While standing in line along with thousands of other teenagers, the body heat could be sensed by the trickling of perspiration. When walking through the towering gates, the vibrations of the music are shot up through the ground sending shivers throughout the body.

Dancing and moving from the indoor rooms to the outdoor rooms emanating sounds of Hip-Hop, Jungle, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, House, Break Beats and Trance one goes from extremes of unbearable humidity and body heat to a mind numbing chill. As one stumbles over the water bottles strewn over the fields, the crackling and popping are startling. The very vivid vibrations caught me off guard, they gave me the chills.

Simple smells fill the air as one strolls among the sixty different D.J.'s and M.C.'s throughout the rooms. "Uh choo!" the stench of body sweat and the musty, smoke-filled rooms tickled the tip of my nose. When dancing, the sweetness of perfume permeates the warm summer air. Hugging my friends I take deep breaths to inhale the spicy yet sweet aromas of their cologne. Suddenly, a whiff of a familiar, but not recognizable scent captures my attention and...