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I have discovered two major issues that Non Stop Yacht S.L. will have to deal with. These issues are:

* The financial projections are set too high

* We have more attention focused on web-based customers instead of direct/walk-in customers

The reasons for these issues are:

* By focusing just on web-based customers leaves the direct/walk-in customers available to the competition. We need to tap into both the web and direct customer market to be able to meet financial projections

* Sales will not be able to have sufficient increases without an emphasis on gaining direct customers

* There is not enough locations to gain a sufficient direct/walk-in customer base

There are two frames of reference that are most relevant to the issues of NSY.

* Technical- Digress away from the web-based customers to better expand business and increase sales.

* Marketing- There will need to be additional marketing methods introduced to compliment the walk in locations.

These will draw the in-store customer base that will be needed to successfully increase the direct customer base.

There was a need to perform a SWOT analysis in order to find alternatives to the issues that I stated above.


- Mega Yacht E-Commerce and competition intensity is low

- Provide captains and crew with information and the ability to shop online for parts and services

- High potential for growth

- Provide specially made and rare parts

- Large network of suppliers

- Efficient buying and shipping process


- Need to build direct/walk-in customer base

- Failed to reach sales forecast in the second year and has yet to break even

- Low cash flow

- Unattractive website

- No brand recognition


- Sign agreement with Palmer Johnson or National Marine

- Growth through repair and refit yards and...