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Miller's Vision (The Crucible)

A crucible is a contraption that changes low based metals into gold...

They came to create a new Jerusalem.... the Puritans say that they have a new covenant and they will do again what history failed to do and they will do it right, to create a perfect community-- a new Jerusalem... they created Salem (Jeru-Salem)

The Puritans new vision is to purfiy their new vision and that's how they start up, but by 1690 the community (crucible) changed

There is not much love like John Winthrop 1630 said but there is fear, hatred, envy... it is a place of radical change and instaed of changing base metal into gold, they started with a golden vision in a beautful place, it is changed into AMERICA, a place of "greed, cutthroat, envy" and more about materialism than spiritualism.

The crucible ends in which you see a prison and going to the gallows, they are not emblomatic of the city on the hill but a culture based on power.

The carceral system.

This system is based on fear, intimidation, threat in order to maintain order.

Oligarchy-- groups competing against each other and the wealthy come out on top... the Puritans have come and changed the land into it... turning gold into lead. The American dream into it's opposite, a nightmare, a place of freedom into a prison, and a pulpit (a place in which a spritual leader guides you) it becomes the gallows.

Theocracy is a government based on religion. Parallel: Iran, Iraq, the Vatican.

The founders are asking how they balance a strong central power with wants of the people.

How is the devil used politically?

-To control people-- to make keep control of the dangerous areas. The satan of ou r political world is Sadaam. He...