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Case: Notetakers Company Case Outline I Background A. Organization Business Definition: Kevin and Jennifer started Notetakers Company near the campus of a major mid-western university. The main business of this company was to sell the class notes of about 36 classes to students of this university. It's office is located in the small storefront of a strip mall. The office contains a copier, a telephone and some file cabinets.

Target Market: The main target market of Notetakers company is students of the local university. Their customers include mainly undergraduate students who missed the class and wish to have the class notes.

Need: The company has identified the need of class notes for those students who cannot attend the class or not very good at taking the notes.

Fulfill of the Market Need: The Company recruits honor students and they are paid to take notes of the classes in which they are enrolled.

Then they delivered these notes to the company. Kevin and Jennifer make copies of these notes and sell them to other students enrolled in the same classes. Each module of notes contains university's name, professor's name, and section number, time and course name.

B. Long Term Goals/Objectives: · To Increase Sales and profit · To cover more classes in the list in order to attract more students.

· To offer class notes on the internet in near future C. Industry Analysis: 1. Analysis of Competitors: There are no competitors at all in the market. Notetakers is only the company selling these class notes in the university. However, there is high threats of new entrants as it requires minimum investments.

2. Product Life Cycle: The demand for class notes are growing as many students work full time and miss the classes frequently.

D. SWOT Analysis 1. Internal Strengths and Weaknesses: Strengths: · Low investments and less risky business · Only a part time work · Low cost structure and high profit margin · Weaknesses: · Not being able to cover more classes · Lack of advertisement · Social and ethical aspects of business · Seasonal business 2. External Opportunities and Threats Opportunities: · Growing demands for class notes · No competitors in the area Threats: · Threats of new entrants · Threats lawsuit from the university · Alternative study guide from other publisher collaborating with professors.

E. Distinctive Competency: The company's ability to recruit honor students to take these notes and being able to sell the notes at higher profit margin and also the efficient operation.

F. Current Marketing Mix Strategies 1. Product Information: Class Notes of 36 classes 2. Pricing Strategy: Premium pricing strategy since there are no other competitors.

3. Distribution Strategy: Distributed by the company through its small office located in strip mall.

4. Promotion Strategy: Handing out of promotional flyers to students visiting the strip center and placing flyer on every car parked at the center and word of mouth.

II Problem Definition: A. Primary Problems: The primary problem of the company is legal and ethical issue of business as it is seen negatively by the university management and professors as indicated by the rejection of ads from student newspaper.

B. Secondary Problems: Not being able to advertise.

C. Constraints: Advertising and budget as well as time constraints.

III Formulate and Record Alternative Course of Action - Collaborate with professors and publish the class notes as course packs - Get out of the business as it appears to be an illegal and unethical IV Analyze the alternative Solutions A. Qualitative Analysis: - Pros: .

- Cons: - Pros - Cons: C. Quantitative Analysis: V Decision and Implementation Strategy · It is recommended that the company should stop to sell these class notes as it is a violation of the Lanham trade-mark act.

· The company should look into other areas such as producing course pack with the collaboration of professors, buying and selling used books, stationery items, photocopy services, fax and oth