Notions Of Social Society

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This paragraph attempts to illustrate the notions of social conformity and social deviance. Social deviance is an undesired behavior according to the social norms. Understanding social groups is central to sociology because sociology focuses on interactions within social settings, culture, and our experiences within groups. Groups impact our daily lives in ways most of us don't stop to think about very often. The group decides what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. The role culture plays in the development of social deviance is for example, many, though not all, Native Americans are raised to be quiet and not outspoken, if one were in an environment with a diverse culture group that is loud and outspoken, this behavior would not be socially "normal". However, one could learn to be loud and outspoken to be part of the "group", this would be considered an undesired behavior.

In my opinion, the basic idea of social change is and understanding of many topics such as how and why social economics and political systems change over a period of time.

The elements and basics of social change may vary according to many factors such as collective behavior, technology and/or economics. For example, collective behavior has a microchange effect in society such as fads, crazes, and fashion. This effect happens very often and fast, which serves as major cause of social and cultural change. On the other hand, technology is considered a macrochange in society due to it is long during and lasting.