The novel C"atcher In The Rye" is written by J.D Salinder is the story of Holdens quest for maturity.

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Holden Wants Children To Keep Their Innocence

The novel Catcher In The Rye is written by J.D Salinder is the story of Holdens quest for maturity. The book starts off at Pency Prep School, Holden is only days from his expulsion from Pency, because of awful grades. Straddler, Holden's roommate, goes on a date with Jane, who is one of Holden's former friends. Holden agrees to write a paper for Straddler. When Straddler arrives back at the dorm, Holden questions him about the date. Straddler does not like the line of questioning and they end up in a fighting. Following the fight with Straddler, Holden fails to befriend Ackley. Holden eventually decides to leave Pency early and stay in New York until the day that he is expected to arrive home. On the train to New York Holden meets the mother of student at Pency and lies to her about her son.

When Holden arrives in New York he goes down to the bar at the hotel. After that Holden ends up sitting with 3 girls for whom he buys drinks and dances with, they rudely just leave without saying goodbye. Afterward, Holden goes to another club at which he comes across a girl whom he considers a phony and an idiot. He leaves the club and walks back to the hotel. On the way up the elevator he is set up with a prostitute by Maurice the elevator man. Once she was there, Holden changes his mind for some reason and wants to just talk with the prostitute who doesn't know what to do. Followed by that Holden meets two nuns in a subway restaurant and gives them a donation and he has a very pleasant conversation with them. After that Holden arranges a date with Sally Hayes. The...