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'Now Look Here'

In the sixties society had flower power, in the seventies society had discos and in the eighties society had grunge and the latest fad is tattoos and piercings. No longer is it only the bikies and high school dropouts with tattoos; respectable teachers and parents have them too. Danny Katz's feature article 'Now Look Here' positions its reader to think before embarking on the latest craze or bandwagon. Through his effective use of feature article conventions, structure, selection of detail and language the reader is positioned to believe that people are willing to embark on the latest craze of wearing glasses as a fashion statement without thought or regard to people who are generally vision impaired.

Katz's use of layout conventions positions the reader to agree with the author and think favourably about his opinion. Through is effective use of visuals, by line, juxtapose, hook and subtitles.

Katz has his readers frowning upon people who wear glasses merely as a fashion statement. His headline 'Now Look Here' is catchy, not too long and a pun. Katz's visuals, an exaggerated, mocking cartoon of what people look like with glasses on and his intriguing font help the readers side with Katz's arguments. The self-portrait of Danny Katz also persuades you to understand his view on the topic, as he is obviously vision impaired, and makes the whole article a whole lot more personal.

Through the effective use of article structure, Katz positions the reader to respond favourably to his opinion, 'the only people who should be allowed to hop on the four eyed bandwagon are the people who have to squint first to see if it is a bandwagon'. Firstly his hook, 'Hitting a person who wears glasses is a terrible thing,