"Nuclear Family".

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Our lives are shaped by many forces over which we have little control. We did not choose and cannot modify our genetic makeup, our sex, race, size, or basic energy level. Our place in time and space was thrust upon us. We were born and raised in city or country, boom or bust, war or peace, freedom or repression, without much say in the matter. We did not select our parents or our grandparents or our brothers and sisters, let alone our aunts, uncles, step grandparents or foster parents or half-sisters and brothers. Our initial religious training and social status were beyond our choosing.

What we need, we hear on all sides, is a return to the good old days when parents were responsible for their kids and kids obeyed their parents. If there WAS such an age, can we go back to it? No one doubts that today's family is harassed and overburdened.

The question is: could what seemed to work then work now? Many parents believe so, they think if only they were allowed to spank their children maybe, they would behave more. But I disagree I have five children and not one did I beat into submission. Instead I spoiled every one of them. I showed them that I love them in more ways than one. The rewards I give them, fits the decision they made.

My grandmother always taught me that "what goes around comes around, good or bad". That still holds true. The choices you make today are the consequences you are going to pay with tomorrow. Example, my 11 year old started lying about homework, not doing it or saying he already done it. All it took was me showing up in class in my robe, house shoes, hair curlers, and no makeup to...