Nursing Shortages..talkes about the concerns about nursing shortages, and why it is occuring and alson what we can do to help this problem out.

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Nursing Shortage

One major problem that health care faces today, is the shortage of nurses. In a poll conducted by the American Health Association, labor and staffing issues were the second biggest concern of top healthcare officials. Nurses are known for their long hours, low pay, and very stressful jobs. Also older nurses will soon be leaving the field as retirees. With a declining amount of nurses, and a hospital industry that is constantly expanding, the need for nurses is rapidly growing. The average age of nurses is 44 years old opposed to 40 in 1980. When nurses retire or decide to go to a less demanding profession, there are fewer qualified even if the hospital is able to recruit and find nurses for these available openings. The cost of turnover is also extremely expensive. The average cost of turnover for one nurse is between 50,000 and 60,000 dollars.

The expensive nature of turnover isn't the only problem related to it. Turnover can result in lower productivity because the hospital is trying to find a replacement and when they do find the replacement that person still needs time to learn the system.

Secondly, fewer women are becoming nurses since the economy has also now left the door open for women to explore other trades or professions. Nurses typically have to take care of patients in a hospital 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With most nurses having kids at home, it is not appealing for them to work in a field where they must take care of other peoples needs. Home health care, long-term care, and ambulatory services are easy alternatives for a less stressful and sometimes higher paying job. This also gives nurses more time to balance work...