I/O Psychology in a Political Campaign

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The field of industrial/organizational psychology is integral to the understanding of how the human mind and the workplace can come together to perform tasks in a smart and efficient manner. It is especially useful in determining which way to proceed when it comes to hiring and training employees, and making sure that those employees can do their work as well as possible. An organization that I am familiar with that can use the skills of industrial/organizational psychologists would be a political campaign set on electing a certain person into office. A political campaign can use industrial/organizational psychology principles in order to hire and train employees as well as make sure that once the employees are doing their jobs, they will be doing them using their skills to the best of their abilities and working with coworkers that can make them even more efficient.

When hiring new employees that will be working with managers and campaign coordinators, it is important to make sure that they are working with the type of person that will help them succeed and not hinder their efforts.

One must make sure to "match applicants' personality or work style to the supervisor they'd be working for. If someone really likes working with people and requires a lot of supervision, he or she probably wouldn't work well with an introvert" (Prewitt, 1996). The political campaign would use the help of an industrial/organizational to match potential employees with their managers. If a campaign director knew that he would be hiring employees that would work under a manager that would change directions very often when it came to implementing plans, then it would perhaps not be in the best interest of the campaign to hire an employee that needed to plan out his tasks very carefully before proceeding. Industrial/organizational psychologists...