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Queens College Classics 150

Paper #1 Requirements

Due October 19th

Include a thesis statement and underline it. Your thesis should make a specific claim in response to the writing prompt. You will then support your thesis through an analysis of the text(s). Incorporate at least four textual references, making sure to explain how they support your thesis. You should not be summarizing the text; you are using the references as evidence to support your argument. Do not expect the references to speak for themselves; explain how they support your claim and try to draw connections between them to form a cogent argument. Formatting Requirements:

● Double­spaced ● Times New Roman 12 pt font ● Include the writing prompt at the top of the first page ● 4­5 pages in length ● Stapled

Paper Topics #1

1. Athene plays a major role in moving the plot forward in the Odyssey. For example she is responsible for Telemachus visiting Menelaus and Nestor. She is also responsible for Zeus sending Hermes to free Odysseus from Kalypso. There are many other examples including helping Odysseus fight the suitors and their families in the last books. Compare the places Athena intervenes with those when a mortal takes control in the plot. What types of actions are gods responsible for; what types of actions are mortals responsible for. Draw a general conclusion about the respective roles of gods and mortals from the examples you analyze.

2. The death of Agamemenon, brother of Menalaos and comrade­in­war of Odysseus, at the hands of his wife's (Klytemnestra) new lover, Aigisthos, and Aigisthos' subsequent death at the hands of Orestes, Agamemnon's son, is brought up repeatedly throughout the Odyssey. Why does Homer feature the story so prominently? How does it pertain to Odysseus' situation? What traits, if any,