'The Odyssey Book 21' A Suitor's view before Odysseus is revealed

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My friends and I laughed at the stupid fool Theoclymenus as how could he have such foolish predictions. First Telemachus brings in some old grubby tramp, who just wants food and drink. Now he has some boy! Predict our future!The great Eurymachus stood up and told us all to keep eating and enjoying ourselves. Everybody knows that Eurymachus is noble and has always spoken on behalf of the suitors and everybody respects that. However even though I have made many friends here, we are still competing for one prize and I think most of us have forgotten that. I haven't though! It has remained in the back of my head ever since I had landed on this island of Ithaca throughs three years ago and I am prepared to fight anyone that gets in my way even if it is Eurymachus or even if Odysseus returns from Hades to ever keep me from attaining his throne….

I've….?!?At that moment my friend Ctesippus leaned over and offered me some wine'More wine from the cellar of the great sacker of cities' he asked'Of course' I repliedHe slowly poured me a glass and sat down beside me. As we knocked our glasses together I had a brief glance around the room of everyone singing, eating, drinking and dancing but what stopped me was the powerful stare of the beggar, the grubby old fool even had the spirit to look me in the eye without glancing down. I looked away and wondered if Ctesippus had noticed him. However as I opened my eyes squinting, there was an up surge in movement and everybody was standing up. Penelope was walking down the stairs with a bow in her hand and her maid servants were carrying axes.

What is she doing now? Ctesippus questioned'I have no...