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Oedipus, a classical tragic play used for entertainment ad morality. It is a perfect example of a traditional tragic hero, using vivid drama and syntax. Although he starts off with a contentious life, it is ended in a drudgerious way. Kind Lauis, Oedipus' own father, thought he could prevent his predicted fate and "lured" many people in believing that his fate was "demolished"; however, neither Oedipus nor his "father" realize that they and the characters around them "enhanced" this fate from happening.Becasue Oedipus was "blinded" by the assurances of others, he does not realize that his actions, and the actions of the influence around him, caused his tragic flaw!

The cause of Oedipus' fate was like a "virus" spreading around from person to person until the truth was exposed; not done in a cheerful way! Oedipus, the most important character, played a major role in the denial or his truth and the downfall of his power; he pushed this thought into himself, making him weaker and gullible to anything.

His arrogance and perfection blinded him from realizing what the real cause was. Not only did the prophecy have part in his "tragic flaw", but his arising and ever developing character had a part in this "downfall". Towards the beginning, Oedipus' power helped in the way that it gave an idealistic image to the public, but it unexpectedly increased and "conceited" his character; destruction. His desire for things and believing (want) for superstition made him weaker. Teirsias proves this by saying (page 441)," You would provoke a stone. Tell us you villain, tell us you and do not stand their quietly..." It was like Oedipus' insolence towards many people, including Teiresias and "the minority", helped in the development of his flaw; may have been the god's punishment. If his...